Science IT Support

Training and Workshops (running)

Digital Skills Training - Upcoming 

Improve your digital skills with tailored training in science IT, big data management, data analytics and data science. Training directory in ILIAS with direct links for registration and information: Science IT Support. You may also consult the Transferable Skills training programme (only for PhD students and Post Docs from the University of Bern).

Courses in January and February 2020 will take place at Uni Mittelstrasse, Mittelstrasse 43, room 120. Further already planned courses for which registration is not yet opened:

* Registration open just for GCB students until the 15th of December 2019. After that it will be open for the public.


With contributions from:

  • University of Bern: Mathematical Institute, Informatikdienste, Philosophy
  • External: Swiss Data Science Center, SWITCH, MathWorks, Dataiku, Amanox Solutions, Google 


It happens via the eLearning platform ILIAS (direct links above), which requires login with your campus or AAI account to register. People without these accounts need to write us an email. Registered participants will receive further information by email.

About trainings

Training sessions are in the format from half day crash courses to weekly block courses and teach practical skills to boost the research or work of the participants.

Both internal and external experts are used as lecturers. All sessions require own laptops and in some cases your own research code and tools. If nothing else is indicated, courses are for free.

Courses are normally given for at least 10 and at the most of 24 participants on a first come first served principle. We repeat popular trainings on demand and maintain waiting lists.

We can also help organising or developing discipline specific trainings for your group or project.