Science IT Support

Services Overview

A range of support is available to researchers, through Swiss national services, the EnhanceR project, and through Swiss participation in the European research Infrastructure via the Open NeI-CH project.


Support in understanding data sciecne research needs and suggesting and developing ways to meet these needs.


Developing and delivering training, both informally and through classes, to develop skills needed to use IT for research needs.

Service development

Design, implementation and operation of research IT services.

Porting to new research infrastructures & cloud migration

Taking research applications and services and moving them to new infrastructures, such as cluster, HPC and cloud.

External funding proposal development

Assisting research groups with major needs for research IT support in making dedicated funding proposals, and contributing research IT components to other larger funding proposals.

Other services

Other services are possible on request. Explain your idea to us and we'll see how we (or someone else) can help.